A First Impression of Connectivism – CCK11

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At the close of my first week participating in CCK11, I can honestly say that I am impressed with how much the delivery of this course aligns with the theory behind it. It’s clear to me that a conscious effort has been made to practice what is being preached. From the CCK11 website to the shared blog feeds to the Elluminate recordings, learning is happening all over and being stored in a network of connections. I have found so far that even now, when I have yet to complete all of the first week’s readings, I can access the knowledge that is accumulating among my cohorts, and this is something I find truly valuable. As I progress through my own personal learning, that learning is being enhanced by my being a part of a larger network.

In my next post, I will give a recap of my impressions of the readings, so as to create my own learning artifact and add my own idiosyncratic voice to this network of learning. Until then, this post serves as my quick first impression of the course. I thank everyone for their contributions, and I look forward to further meaningful interactions.